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Supplier supervision

Kartepe Certification Services LLC, Supplier Supervision, evaluates your suppliers to determine and support the points needing improvement. A standard is established for the entire supplier chain to ensure compliance to your company’s guidelines and transparency.
We, as Kartepe Certification Services Turkey, we provide great support to supplier improvement programs by auditing suppliers in automotive, food, retailer chains, from many industries like chemistry and textile.
Supplier audits stabilize your manufacturing process and raise your company’s competition power to make continuity in your improvement persistent. Suppliers across the world are available to you in the globalized world. Kartepe Certification Services LLC, which is an international certification body, has bureaus in 65 countries with auditors having access to each point of the world. Thus, it brings you many advantages in the global market.
Another advantage for you is that our auditors know culture, economy and language of the country in which they work. We evaluate your position in domestic market in detail and we encourage and help perfection by considering domestic position of international suppliers. Kartepe Certification Services LLC has auditors specialized in their industry specifically knowing your products and services in detail. The company is proud of providing auditors, who has most consistent technical knowledge to your business.



Benefits for your company:
  • Reviews your supplier portfolio and we prevent supplier chain troubles.
  • Conducts potential analysis and profile identification to select most suitable constant or one-time suppliers and prepares for this changing process
  • Provides performance and economy training, raising requirements about suppliers to help improvement.
  • Raises your position in the market by creating systematic supplier competition.