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Declaration of objectivity

Kartepe Certification Services LLC is an independent institute to the extent required by the conditions according to which it provides its services. It shall satisfy minimum criteria depending on the conditions set in TS EN ISO/IEC-17021 standards.

  • I assume, as the general manager of Kartepe Certification Services LLC, that I shall not be the designer, manufacturer, supplier, installer, purchaser, owner, user or maintainer of the processes & materials which we assess, nor the authorized representative of any of those parties.

  • I shall not engage in any activity that may conflict with their independence of judgment or integrity in relation to certification activities, especially to avoid direct relation with design, manufacturing, supply, assembly and use of the equipment and materials under study or with their rivals.
  • I shall not raise inappropriate financial or other requirements under the scope of our company’s services for all parties.

  • I agree and assume a non-discriminatory objective practice according to the company’s working procedures by establishing conditions set in TS EN ISO/IEC-17021 on which the quality management system is based
  • Kartepe Certification Services LLC has considered all information, documents and data provided/to be provided by any customers as the customer’s secret and shall never disclose them to any third party. Kartepe Certification Services LLC shall not use any customer’s manufacturing techniques, models or the customer’s workshop in favor of itself or in favor of any third parties. Kartepe Certification Services LLC is obliged to keep any customer’s customers at home or abroad and types, variety, quantity and lines of goods purchased by these companies or persons, relevant agreements between the parties, their customer lists, special agreements and similar information, any technical information provided/to be provided by the customer during service provision, his projects, manufacturing techniques, raw materials used in manufacturing, designs, data produced through studies, even administrative and commercial information and secrets known to it directly/indirectly confidential with due diligence and shall not transfer, make available or directly/indirectly disclose to any third party and shall not allow others benefiting from these information. Kartepe Certification Services LLC absolutely agrees and assures the customer that it shall follow the rules mentioned above.


  • Kartepe Certification Services LLC shall not publish the aforementioned information on paper, list, disc, internet or similar tools or shall not cause the same.
  • This obligation about keeping the customer’s information and secrets known to it confidential shall survive after termination of the service due to any reason.



General Manager