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Our principle values

Why our principles and values are determined: It is to describe our understanding and expectations based on course of conduct of our employees and our all shareholders as well as all of our business relations

Our principle values

  • We are loyal to the universal code of conduct (respect, sympathy, trust, honest, objectivity, patience, justice, understanding, tolerance etc).
  • Foundation of our competition power is our employees.

  • We establish an environment of trust with our employees, customers, suppliers and society based on our principles and values.
  • We avoid conflicts in the workplace by appreciating achievements through a team spirit while we focus on solution in settlement of disputes if any.

  • We timely complete our certification processes by being undaunted by challenges by appreciating and supporting each others.
  • We aim a stable growth by focusing on a sustainable commercial achievement.

  • We, at a challenging position bearing responsibility, focus on problems to evaluate them with a free and creative approach in satisfying our obligations to produce practicable and useful solutions.
  • We treat every kind of individual and corporate data provided by our customers, suppliers and employees as private and keep strictly confidential.
  • We consider this as a confidentiality obligation,
  • We take the required measures and exercise due diligence to ensure and sustain confidentiality, to prevent any or all confidential information from being made publicly available or unauthorized use or disclosure to any third persons.
  • We aware of that we are an integrated part of integrated part of the society and environment.